Contrato para la realización de Tésis Doctoral en IRTA

Desde el 31 de mayo hasta el 30 de junio

Institute os Agrifood Research and Tecnology

Among others, the responsibilities of the incumbent will include:
- In situ field measurements of plant physiological and agronomical responses.
- Monitoring plant, soil and atmosphere water status throughout the season under different edaphoclimatic conditions on the field.
- Plant and soil sample collection and sensor installation.
- Sample processing in the lab.
- Data compilation and management, including big datasets.
- Data analysis, including statistical analysis and modeling.
- Scientific literature search, review and metadata analysis.
- Writing scientific papers and reports (state hypothesis, detail how you tested your hypothesis, express and critically discuss the data collected and the implication of your findings).
- Participating and preparing scientific and extension material for communication and dissemination activities (conferences, seminars, workshops, ...).

Ref. CPI1724

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