The School

The Higher Technical School of Agronomic Engineering (ETSIA) is a young and dynamic institution, adapted to the real needs of companies, with the latest equipment and technologies. For this, it has the Agroalimentary Experimental Station "Tomás Ferro" (ESEA) and the Institute of Plant Biotechnology (IBV).

Committed to quality teaching based on innovation, interdisciplinarity and internationalization, with more than 60 agreements with European and American Universities. The low teacher/ student ratio guarantees personalized teaching.

There is a close collaboration with the agrifood business fabric and ETSIA, through the Network of Chairs, which facilitate the necessary transfer of knowledge for innovation and the labor insertion of our graduates.

In research, he is a leader in fundraising with 10.000.000€ obtained through Research Projects and Contracts obtained in public calls and with companies in the last five years, more than 120 PhD thesis read in the last 10 years and more than 1000 articles published in International Prestige Magazines.

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Agricultural Technical Engineering studies began to be taught at the Polytechnic University School of Cartagena in 1983. The Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers (ETSIA) was created in Cartagena in 1996, being the University of Murcia. When the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) was created in 1998, the School changed its current name.

Located in the Paseo Alfonso XIII of Cartagena, currently has 75 teachers, belonging to 7 Departments.

The Department of Agronomic Engineering provides 45 professors, teaching almost exclusively in the different degrees taught at the center.

The ETSIA building has a classroom where the teaching of its degrees is taught and has 33 laboratories, 14 for teaching and 19 for research. Teaching laboratories have capacity for 16-20 jobs, enough to accommodate the laboratory practice groups.

Given the practical nature of these degrees and the research generated by the 12 research groups attached to ETSIA, laboratories are kept up to date with the most innovative equipment, in order to train students in the most modern technologies.

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